Total Waste Management

Our company has created niche in the field of offering Dry Waste Management System to the clients. This product is made and designed by the experienced experts who manufacture this array with the use of superior machines and skills. Dry Waste Management System is well-known attributes such as robustness, super quality and consistency.

Other information:

  • GREENERIA-Organic Waste Converters and Bio-Gas Plants
  •     We provide Decentralized Waste Management Solution.
  •     We treat the Organic Waste.
  •     80-90% Volume Reduction
  •     Low Floor Space/Compact
  •     Continuous Composting
  •     The Machines approximately runs only 30% of the rated power. They go on Power Saving Mode.
  •     They come in different weights and capacities.
  •     We shall customize as per clients requirement.


  • Atmospheric effects
  • Hydrological effects
  • Decomposition
  • Landfill Firings

How Zero Waste to Landfill:

  •     Wet Waste to Composting/Biogas
  •     Dry waste to Recycling
GREENERIA-Material Recovery/Dry Waste Management
  •     Material Recovery Facility is a facility where waste is separated into organic, recyclable, and residual waste and organic waste is composted on site or bio gas is harnessed.
  •     We do take up the Segregation Facility.
  •     Dry waste is sold to industries for Recycling.
  •     There are various types of dry waste categories, where we will offer segregation into 8-10 different categories.
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