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GREENERIA-Organic Waste Converters and Bio-Gas Plants

  • We are the Manufacturers and Suppliers of Fully Automatic Organic Waste Converters and Bio-gas plant.
  • We provide Decentralized Waste Management Solution.
  • We treat the Organic Waste.
  • 80-90% Volume Reduction.
  • Low Floor Space/Compact.
  • Continuous Composting.
  • The Machines approximately runs only 30% of the rated power. They go on Power Saving Mode.
  • They come in different weights and capacities.
  • We shall customize as per clients requirement.


GREENERIA-Material Recovery/Dry Waste Management


  • Material Recovery Facility is a facility where waste is separated into organic, recyclable, and residual waste and organic waste is composted on site or bio gas is harnessed.
  • We do take up the Segregation Facility.
  • Dry waste is sold to industries for Recycling.
  • There are various types of dry waste categories, where we will offer segregation into 8-10 different categories.



Why Zero Waste to Landfill? 


  • Atmospheric effects
  • Hydrological effects
  • Decomposition
  • Landfill Firings


How Zero Waste to Landfill?


  • Wet Waste to Composting/Biogas
  • Dry waste to Recycling