his product is designed by making use of finest quality material and contemporary techniques in adherence with set guidelines of quality. Bio Gas Plant is examined by quality controllers before delivering to the clientele in order to make certain faultlessness. Offered range is available at economical prices to valued patrons.
"The consistent use of waste means enormous savings for us”
Biogas is one of the key renewable energy sources, produced by the anaerobic degradation (or fermentation) of biodegradable materials such as food waste, garden waste, energy crop waste, cow dung, chicken shit, industrial wastes, sewage sludge, and municipal waste.
  • Nil greenhouse gas emissions
  • Low emissions to environment from the waste treatment
  • High quality fertilizers
Greeneria Bio-Gas is utilized for various purposes such as:
  • LPG equivalent Cooking gas
  • Electricity production (Waste to energy)
  • Water heating for steam boilers
Greeneria Bio:
  • Greeneria Bio offers a ‘Zero garbage, Zero effluent’ method for waste disposal.
  • Greeneria Bio is an above the ground State of the art Biogas plant made of steel with epoxy coating.
  • The “Greeneria-Bio” technology offers a comprehensive solution for handling the bio-degradable waste material. It is based on the concept of maintaining elemental balance in the Nature

Types Of Biogas

Civil constructed Plant – from 10 Cum to 1000+ Tons (1 Ton to 1000+ Ton we can give Bio-CNG Cylinders, Electricity, Carbon Dioxide Cylinders)


Prefabricated Containerised GreeERIA Nest – from 10 Cum to 160 Cum

  • GreenERIA Nest has Partially Stirred Tank Reactor system where in an excellent atmosphere is created for growth of methanogenic bacteria.
  • Stirring of the bacteria is automated and controlled. Hence, the output is enhanced.
  • GreenERIA Nest is featured with PLC (Programable Logic Controller) which can transmit the below details to your computer or smart phone (Optional).
  • Temperature of mother digester
  • Ph. Value of the mother digester
  • Amount of input waste and volume of gas produced
  • GreenERIA Nest is leak proof and has long term durability.
  • It is the compact biogas system in India which saves money in terms of space requirement.
  • It can fit into narrow spaces like apartments, hotels, tech parks and other establishments.
  • Another important aspect of GreenERIA Nest is that it is temperature controlled by RTD sensors.

Polymer Rotomold Plant– from 0.2 to 4.0 Cum


Containerised Plant


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